What do kids say when they hear about the Washer character in 7th grade and up?

  • I learned that instead of wishing for things I should actually do it and take action. JJ
  • I would rather be a Washer that a Wisher, because a Wisher doesn't really get anywhere in life. Make an effort to do my homework/classwork and only focus on my future and conquer the difficult things. TG
  • I create my own future, and if I keep wishing about things and don't actually do something, I will not be all I can be. Don't Quit! I will keep on pushing and even if I fail, I will try even harder. DB
  • Stick to what you want to do and don't flip-flop to other things if you want to be successful. Stay focused on one thing at a time. BH
  • I need to be a Washer, go out and make success and it starts in High School. I used to be Wishy-Washy but now I'm only a Washer and I wash hard. MA
  • Choose your future and make dreams reality. Do not Wish and think it would happen without work. CO
  • Not to give up. I can be a Wisher, Washer. We choose what road to take. Work on my grades and never give up. RA
  • I learned that anything is possible and you would be a Washer which means work for what you want. Study and start working on becoming a doctor now. CS
  • Every person should have a dream. Then work hard. At last, become a Washer. I will study hard for technology and math in college and High School. This is very important to realize my dream. ML
  • Don't stop because you have a blocker or a struggle. Have perseverance and stay motivated. Do not give up. "BE A WASHER." PM
  • Try harder to be a Washer and not a Wisher hoping things will magically happen. Work first, then play. WJ
  • I learned that I can be a Washer in my life. CT

Positivepsyche: Be a Washer


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 The "W" Characters
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Which character will your children adopt?

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"All mankind is divided into three classes:

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Ben Franklin

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The 'W' Characters

This an inspiring camping story about building character,
making good decisions, setting goals and learning ways to achieve them.

Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

Beautifully written, with many lovely turns of phrase (the campfire flames dancing like a ship's sail; full bellies and plenty of marshmallows; the wolf's howl piercing the night; the warm glow of energy on the Washers and so much more). Team Leader is nicely developed, and his gentle leading is wonderful. The lessons on failure, the meaning of clothing; re-evaluating, and, most importantly, the three characters, are good ones, simply-explained but powerful in content.

Everything taught is valuable for kid-readers to know; everything's explained in perfectly clear terms; children reading this will definitely 'get it.' Much of the writing is so lovely; there are wonderful character details and observations; the overall message is so valuable.

    The 'W' Characters introduces children to three characters that can be found in EVERY person:

    • Wishers dream but don't know how to take action. . .
    • Wishy-Washys go back-and-forth and don't achieve all that they could. . .
    • Washers take action; they learn through experience, including setbacks and disappointments. Washers work to achieve their goals. Washers succeed!

    Washers, the book's true heroes, use the metaphor of water as a life force in their own lives.

    The W Characters helps children understand a core life principle to develop their own inner 'fire' for becoming something special and unique. It's a fun, easy-to-read book children will return to again and again.

    Kids Voices

    "The 'W' Characters offers incredible insight in such a fun and simplistic way. Both of my girls got the message immediately while thoroughly enjoying the story. It truly is a book that keeps on giving as it touches upon any age group or developmental stage. We will certainly keep this book on our family bookshelf as it is a must have!"
    Sarah Ruiz, a mother of three

    "The 'W' Characters is a fun way to look at people and the way they act toward their goals. It is beautifully written, and the intention is wonderful. It's inspiring, and the idea has changed the way I think about things. Once you read it, I'm sure you'll feel the same way."
    Laura St. Onge, age 12

    "[My family] really enjoyed it, and I think it was inspirational for all of us."
    Vicky St. Onge, mother of two

    "I really like this book because I was a Wisher in the past. Now, I am going to be a Washer. I am going to work hard and do my best."
    Molly, age 7

    "This book made me feel that I was camping. I learned that I was being a Wisher, and when I finished the book, I decided I was going to be a Washer. This book also has a helpful lesson for each word. I loved it!"
    Hannah, age 10

    "The 'W' Characters is a very well-written and fascinating book. I really like how it groups people in three different general types: Wishers, Washers and Wishy-Washys. I also like how it teaches you how to identify people's character."
    Anika Seth, age 7

    Hear the "Be A Washer" song at www.BeAWasher.com
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